Play Store Download for Blackberry

Want to install Google Play Store in Blackberry phone? Here is a quick and easy tutorial to help you. The step-by-step guide will assist you in successfully downloading the Play Store on your BlackBerry phone.

Install Google Play Store in Blackberry

  1. Before installing the application on your phone, you have to make your device ready for the installation process. To make it ready, go to the setting option on your phone, and then locate the “security” option present within the setting.
  2. Navigate the option “Allow applications From Other Source to Be Installed”. If this option is disabled in your phone, enable it. And if it is already active leave it like that.
  3. To download Google Play Store in BlackBerry, you need to install four applications, one after one. We have explained this here.
  4. To install the first application, go to the Blackberry Browser to install .APK file on your phone. For this open the browser of Blackberry phone and type “Blackberry Play Store”. Lots of options will reflect in front of you, ignore all and click on the first option that says “Install Google Play Store to BlackBerry 10“.
  5. Again various functions for Play Store will reflect on your screen. Scroll down your screen and tap on the option “Google plays service .APK”.
  6. Let’s be the file get downloaded to your device completely.

Important things that you should remember while downloading the Google Play Store application on your Blackberry phone:

  • Have a good and uninterrupted internet connectivity on your phone.
  • Keep the battery of your phone fully charged.
  • Do not use any other application or open another application in your browser while downloading the Play Store.

Step by step Download Play Store for Blackberry

  1. Now install Google setting if you are installing this application for the first time. A popup will appear with the statement ‘to install apps that you downloaded from a source other than BlackBerry World and Amazon App store, you need to change your app installation setting.” Asking for permission.
  2. Because you are downloading this application for the first time you have to make changes in the settings, by clicking on the option setting to download Google settings for Google Play Store.
  3. Here you have to check and two options in your settings page “Allow apps other sources to be installed”. We have guided you to check in this option and enable it in the first step itself. So, the option is enabled already leave it like that and move on to the second option “Install apps before installing”. Enable this option as well.
  4. A new page will appear asking for installation of Google setting for Google Play Store. Click on the option install and then open.
  5. In between your device would ask for permissions and will ask you to accept the terms and conditions for the same. You have to click on the option “Accept” here.
  6. Once the Google setting has been installed successfully in your phone, it is the time to install the Google account manager .APK.
  7. Move on to the browser once again. The same browser you opened to download Google Setting. Here, you have to download the file” Google play service .APK”.
  8. Scroll down the page and Download “Google Account manager .APK”.
  9. Install the application and then open, while downloading this application you will again probed for accepting the terms and conditions. Click on accept option when the pop-up appears.
  10. Your device will ask you to sign in at this stage. Sign into Google account manager with your Google account. If you have one Google account and you have synced it with your device, then click on the ‘existing’ option to sign in the account with the same Id. If you have multiple Google account, then click on the menu option and select the Google ID that you want to use to sign in to the account.
  11. In case you do not have the Google account, then you have to get one. You can make a Google ID on your computer, and click on the option new to get the ID sync with your phone.
  12. It will take a few minutes to get signed into the account, as the device will collect all the information about your account. Meanwhile, do not open any other file on your device.
  13. Once you are signed in, move back to the browser again.
  14. Now you have to install the 3rd application.
  15. Go to the browser which is already open and you have downloaded first two applications from the place and scroll down. Locate the option “BlackBerry Google ID .APK”.
  16. Follow the same process you have followed in downloading other application. After clicking on the download button install, and open the application. Accept the terms and conditions for this as well.
  17. When the file is downloaded successfully, the option will appear on a new page “Register this device”.
  18. Click on this option and wait for a few seconds as it will take some time to complete the process. This is the automatic process and you don’t have to upload any details manually here. The device you are using will itself fill all the details.
  19. Once the process is complete, it is the time to download the 4th application. So, move on to your browser once again and scroll down and find the option ” Google Play Store .APK download”.
  20. Click on the active icon to start downloading this app. Download this application as well following the same steps you followed in the  aforementioned applications download, that is, install the app and then open it, meanwhile accept the terms and conditions.
  21. Follow the instructions share on the device and once you are done with the whole process. The Google Play Store app is installed on your device successfully. Open the store and check if everything is opening properly in your device.

Play Store is now installed on your device and you can use it download various Android applications. However, Blackberry does not support all the applications on Android, thus you may face some issues with a few applications, and however the alternate for that is also available.

Guide to create Google Id

  1. Open your Chrome browser and check the top left side of the page.
  2. Click on the options Gmail, in-order to create a fresh account.
  3. Enter all the details that Gmail asks you to fill that your contact number, name, address country, etc.
  4. Get the email ID according to the instructions share on the page.
  5. Use the same Id to login to your Google account manager.

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