Play Store for Windows update

If you want to access Play Store on your PC, then here is the easy guide available. With this easy tutorial, you would be able to download Play Store in your pc within few hours. Let’s start the process.

Primarily, there are three methods exist to download Google Play Store on Window PC.

  • Google Play Store for PC Using Bluestacks.
  • Google Play Store for PC Using Android.
  • Google Play Store for PC Using Nox App Player.

Download the Google Play Store using Bluestacks

In-order to download the Google Play Store on PC, first you have to make your PC ready for the download and for this. You have to download and install the Bluestacks application on it at first.  Once the application Bluestacks is installed on the PC, these steps need to be followed to download the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Bluestacks Android Emulator application, this is the best application for this job and then connect it to your Google Account.
  2. Come to the main page search here for the Google Play Store Application. Check the search results on your screen.
  3. Click application Google Play Store to “Install” it in your PC and then open it. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the “Accept” button.
  4. Wait for some time, and the Google Play Store for PC application will be downloaded. Once the download is finished, you are ready using it for downloading various stuffs.

Download Google Play Store on PC using Andyroid

The process of Play Store installation for Window PC is same in this method as well. The only difference here is you need to download and install application Andyroid Emulator on your PC. You can follow following steps to download this application.

  1. Open the browser of your window PC and type Andyroid android Emulator. Check the result and open the application. Download and install this application on your PC.
  2. Now, your PC will ask you to connect your Google account to this app. So, do that.
  3. Open the main page within the application and search for the Google Play Store App clicking on the Search Box.
  4. The official Google Play Store App will appear in the search result. Click on the app to install it.
  5. The Google Play Store is now downloaded on your PC. Open the store to download and enjoy its various features.

Download Google Play Store using the Nox App Player

This method of installing Google Play Store in Window PC is also similar to aforementioned methods. Here you need to download the Nox App Player application on your PC. The step by step guide is mentioned below.

  1. Go to the browser of your PC and type NOX App Player and check the result. From here download and Install the application Nox App Player Emulator.
  2. Now, the application will ask you to connect it to your Google account.
  3. Once account is connected to the application, search for the application ‘Google Play Store App”.
  4. The official link to Google Play Store App will appear in the search result. Click on the link to “Install” the application. Meanwhile, if your device asks for the approval of terms and conditions, do that by clicking on ‘Accept’ button.
  5. The Google Play Store App is now downloaded on your PC and ready to use. Now, you can enjoy downloading stuff from the store.

In addition to Windows PCs, the Google Play Store is available for many other platforms. If you want to install Play Store on Window phone or just want to update Play Store version on your windows phone, then provision is available for that.

Have a look how to download Google Play Store for Windows Phone

Steps by step guide to download Google Play Store in any Windows phone

If you are using the Windows smart phone, then with the help of following steps you would be able to access Android apps directly on your Windows phone.

  1. It is important to have a laptop or computer with Windows version 8.1, 10 or 8 installed. This will provide the best support for the Windows phone, and it is one of the basic requirements for installing Play Store in Window Phone.
  2. Now, prepare your phone to install Google Play Store, for that open your Windows phone and go to the option Settings. Navigate the option Update and Security on the page, and then look for option developer. Now, turn on option ‘Find the device’ and then tap the option ‘Pair’. Once you will click on the option, you will receive a 6-digit number of your device. Use this number to connect your phone to PC or laptop.
  3. On your PC, search the file APKDeployment.rar, once you get it in the result, download it. After downloading, extract it to the APKDeployment folder. Now, run the IpOverUsbInstaller.msi, APKDeployment.exe, and vcredist_x86.exe files in the same folder. Give the 6-digit number click on the option, Pair, and wait for some time till it gets connected.
  4. After this select the APK file that you downloaded on your PC earlier and drag and drop it on the APKDeployment window. Here your device will probe certain question. You need to choose the option ‘Deploy all for the multiple apps or Deploy for an individual app’. Now, wait till the applications get transferred to your devices successfully.

This is the simple and easy method of installing Google Play Store update version on your Window PC as well as Phone. However, there are few important things that you work on while downloading the file are:

  • Have an uninterrupted good internet connectivity.
  • Don’t run any other application side by side while downloading the Google Play Store.

How to create a Google Account?

In all three mentioned methods, you must have seen you are asked to enter your Google account, thus having a Google account is necessary for successfully downloading the Play Store. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create it following the simple steps.

  • Open Chrome browser and check the left top of the page.
  • If you have a different browser, type Google in the browser and chrome page will get open. Check the top left section of the page.
  • Click on option Gmail and then sign-up. This will open a form to fill.
  • Fill the form and create an email ID of your choice.
  • This is the Google account that you can use to get connected with applications.

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